We (we as in me, and my car, and probably a large jar of Earl Grey Tea with a smiley-face on it, strapped into the passenger seat) will set off from the Dargle Valley of Natal, South Africa for The Dargle Valley of County Wicklow, Ireland.


The Dargle Valley, South Africa; Land of pretty hills and friendly people.


The Dargle Valley of Ireland; Also a land of pretty hills, and probably friendly people as well.

Between these two valleys, however, there are lots and lots of places. Namely, Africa. And Europe. And The United Kingdom. And Some of Ireland. Over all which I will drive my tiny old car.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 22.33.25


  1. Izak Fick says:

    Sounds like a very interesting and challenging trip. Enjoy every bit of it.

  2. Harry Maberly says:

    So glad your doing this Jethro! have an unbelievable time, and I’d love to give you a bed while your in England, whenever you get here!

  3. Pamela Garz says:

    OKey Dokey… A friend of a friend (of your mom’s) contacted me/us RE: your epic journey. So…. living less than an hour away from the Dargle region (River) – in Ballycanew, Co.Wexford…we would love to offer you a bed and rest and meal and COPIOUS AMOUNTS of tea!
    If you are interested let me know…rgarz@eircom.net (Via – Jean Gawthrop) 🙂

  4. ger roe says:

    Cool, happy to take you fishing on the river when you arrive. ger

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