Gallery: Tanzania

One Reply to “Gallery: Tanzania”

  1. Jethro. I am SO impressed. With everything. The story, the page, the photos, the presentation, the mission, everything… Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left – both times, and also really upset to hear about your Mom. Not gonna take up too much of your time, but would like to say that you have done, and are busy doing something really impressive, enviable and life-changing.

    Good man, well done. I look forward, now that I have the URL, to keeping up to date with your progress, and living vicariously off your tremendous journey. Your car looks fantastic, and would give many an Italian a pang of pride, not to mention everyone that knows what you went through… Need to see more pics of you juxtaposed with the local scenery and peeps!!

    This whole thing is totally outstanding – well done.

    My best regards, Mark Brokensha

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