Milano and Alfa Romeo

I arrived in Milan on a freezing November evening after a day of car trouble, where I met Marilù, my Air BnB host. Marilu lives in a beautiful classic apartment building in the historic centre of Milan, near the Duomo. She greeted me with a hug as I stood outside the small cafe on the ground floor, surrounded by my luggage. I had managed to leave the car in a nearby underground carpark for the night. It was getting dark and I had arrived late. We made the most of the evening, taking a short walk around the city. The lovely late autumn weather had ended and heavy clouds were blowing in from the north. Winter had arrived in Europe.



Looking down into Milan.

Looking down into Milan.



I think it’s always best to explore a city with an insider. I struggle with tourism in big, popular cities. The experience often leaves me feeling a little lost and underwhelmed. Walking around Milan with Marilù was a treat, I loved having someone to show me around, someone to talk to as we walked. She showed me more of an insider’s Milan, from roof top cocktail bars next to the Duomo, to a walkway above the Galleria. Marilù ran a talk series called 5×15 Italia, which was a monthly talk given by 5 guests, each would speak for 5 minutes. She asked me to talk at the next event, which coincided with my visit there, and even though I’, terrified of public speaking I said yes.

Giulia in Milano.

Giulia in Milano.

Giulia in Milano, the home of Alfa Romeo.

Giulia in Milano, the home of Alfa Romeo.

After a couple of Days in Milano I made my way to Arese, the historic home of Alfa Romeo and the location of their museum. I met up with Jacopo Villa, an Italian motoring journalist, and Marco Fazio. Marco is like the king of The Alfisti, every Alfa Romeo fan knows Marco.

I spent an entire morning in the museum, which is pretty close to heaven for any Alfa Romeo fan. The staff were some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, and the cars, well, there was every great Alfa Romeo under one roof.


One day I would like to take a picnic and just spend a day sitting in front of the 2900B Lungo, it’s an amazing piece of art. For me a day in that museum is pretty near to heaven. Meeting Marco and getting up close to genuine GTAms, GTAs, Monzas, the Prototype 8C Competitzione, a 33 Stradale, and all of the other treasure was amazing. It was certainly one of the best days on the trip. It reinforced my love for Alfa Romeo, which is a brand like no other.

Milano was my last stop in Italy before heading into Switzerland, I bid farewell to Marilu, who is now a friend, and met up with Jacapo Villa from Escape on Wheels at Arese before heading into Como.

Como, on my way into Switzerland.


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  1. Colin says:

    Great to see a blog from you again. Please keep them coming!

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