A Little Town Called Soriano.

After a few days in Rome I was looking for somewhere to enjoy a little R&R, and I left the city in the early evening, heading into the hills of Central Italy. About 40 minutes outside Rome, along narrow roads winding into wooded hills is the town of Soriano Nel Camino, in the province of Viterbo.

I drove through the city gates of Soriano in the dark, and found my way up a narrow cobbled street to my hotel, which was a beautiful palazzo overlooking the nearby castle, Castello Orsini.

The city gates of Soriano.

The city gates of Soriano.

An old Landy near the gates.

An old Landy near the gates.



Soriano is a storybook town, it looks a lot like something out of a film. Not much seems to have changed much over the last couple hundred years, it’s just so charming. It’s even built around a castle on a hill. Orsini Castle towers over the town and can be seen for miles around.

Orsini Castle towering over Soriano.

Orsini Castle towering over Soriano.


After being on the road and in big cities non stop since Tel Aviv, a couple days off in a small town was exactly what I needed, and Soriano, which I had come across by chance was a perfect spot. ¬†Sometimes traveling, while being amazing, can wear you down. My clothes were dirty. I needed a solid night’s sleep. A day or two off the road is required from time to time. My hotel let me do laundry at no charge, and the sunny church square of Soriano was home to a perfect little cafe, where the coffee was fresh and cheap. I also got a haircut in Soriano, the barber didn’t speak a word english.












In the valley in the middle of the town is an abandoned palace, which was so beautiful but also so sad. I’ve always been drawn towards big old buildings which require a lot of work. If I’m not careful I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with a chateau with 100 rooms and no roof one day.


















  1. Colin says:

    Jethro, I enjoy your posts so much. Please keep on reporting on your fantastic travels.
    Colin Downie.

  2. What a delightful town to have found. Love the light and colours of early winter which set off the architecture beautifully. Gorgeous pics (as expected).

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