Crossley & Webb

I snuck into Dargle on a Friday evening. I had outsourced my visa applications to an agency in Johannesburg. This is a lot easier than doing it yourself, and unless you live in Johannatoria, much cheaper too. So I headed home to wait while they pushed the applications through. A friend picked me up from a small airport in Pietermaritzburg and drove me home. It felt strange to be back again, so soon. I had become used to tents and small hotel rooms and now I had the run of Old Kilgobbin again. I kept my head down as much as I could, mostly I just didn’t feel like explaining why I was home as it was so boring. I hadn’t given up, the car hadn’t given up either. I had been halted by paperwork. I spent a lot of time at Steampunk Coffee, trying to get my caffeine addiction back up to a healthy level.

One day I got a message on Facebook from the Cape Town based investment motoring specialist Crossley & Webb. They had seen some images from the trip and were impressed. So, after a meeting at Steampunk I flew down to Cape Town to meet Bryan Webb and Gareth Crossley.

The Crossley & Webb building on Salon Road.

The Crossley & Webb building on Salon Road.


The showroom is in the City Bowl in an early 20th Century red brick building.

I found the showroom in the Cape Town City Bowl and sat down at the Truth Coffee bar. Around me were some of the most beautiful, iconic, and aggressive cars ever produced. A Ferrari 355 (a childhood hero to me) sat beside a 458 Italia. There was a 500 Barchetta and a 575 Super America, and a Aventador Roadster.

There I met Bryan Webb, and we spent a good two hours just talking cars and what brought each of us to our passion for them. We walked around the block to the workshops where vintage cars are restored and cared for. Bryan is a true petrol-head, through and through. It’s not just a business for him. I often have concerns about the ethics of many businesses that treat classic cars simply in monetary terms, but Crossley & Webb is not one of those companies. In fact, they’re exactly the sort of company I would like to work for.

I sat down with Bryan, and Gareth Crossley and they offered me a sponsorship deal; money to go towards the new wheels I’d need come the European winter, and the ferry crossing from Israel to Greece. I think Dargle to Dargle works well with their belief that although cars can be very good investments; they’re meant to be driven.

Check out Crossley & Webb if you’re in the market for a new pride and joy, or if you just want a cool place to drink coffee and look at some great cars.

Crossley & Webb


Porsche F1 Racer.

A pair of jaguar S Types.

A Jaguar S Type and MkII.

A Mercedes Benz SL and an SLS in the distance.

A Mercedes Benz SL and an SLS in the distance.

A Ferrari 355 Spider.

A Ferrari 355 Spider.


Ferrari 458 Italia


Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.


Ferrari 599 GTO

Here are some pics from Crossley & Webb’s Instagram page.

See more pics from the showroom in the gallery.



  1. A. Semedo says:

    Hi. I am following your and the little Alfa’s adventure with interest. I own several Alfas and I know that they are all addicting pieces of art and capable of great adventures. So I am sure you also are.
    Wishing you a Happy Season from Portugal.

  2. Bryan Webb says:

    Great write up, Jethro and thanks for all the compliments. Keep up the good work and keep in touch with us. Really envy what you have done here. trip of a lifetime. well done. Bryan

  3. Alison McKenna says:

    Hi Jethro, I am really confused ~ in today’s Daily News (Durban) there is a full page article describing your journey through the Middle East, then Europe and that you are now in Norway?

  4. Steffen J says:

    In a Norwegian newspaper there is a picture of your car in Norway today!

  5. If you are passing Stavanger in Norway, send me a mail and we will invite you for a free BDBB. ( Bath, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast. There will be some automotive conversation as I have been through a fair share of classic’s like Marcus GT, Porche 911, Lancia Delta Integrale etc etc.

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