The Car is Complete, Finally.

If there was ever anything that could go wrong with my car, it seemed destined that it indeed would go wrong.

I believed that the death of my old engine was the last disaster I would face before all things would fall into place, and I would be on my way. Not quite.

Having fitted the new engine and completed the interior, I drove the car into Pietermaritzburg for some final tuning and setting. Or, that was the plan. I got just a few hundred meters down the road before complete ignition failure stopped the car for good. It was trailered in the next day.

After a complete ignition system overhaul (new distributor, coil, and plugs) things seemed to be looking up.

However, this was January in Pietermaritzburg and on a Friday afternoon, while the car was at Midlands, a freak hailstorm came overhead and left it looking rather battered. I couldn’t believe my luck, or lack of it.

So commenced a two month repair process for which I was not remotely ready. But, at the end of it I got a car that looks good as new and runs very well.

I’m quite pleased to report that the car is officially complete, and running well. And even the heater works.


Hail damage on the left fender.


Damage to the passenger side.


Hail dents in the roof.


A large dent in the roof.


Damage to the bonnet.

After a day at Auto Pristine, and a few weeks at paint the Alfa came back looking great.


Dent free and all one colour.







Stickers on, getting a tune up at Robin’s with its new 123 Ignition Electronic distributor.


In good company.






  1. tony kinnear says:

    enough already J .. hit the road

  2. Marie Du Toit says:

    Love the colour! Enjoy the journey north

  3. John Coffer says:

    good luck Jethro – all the best

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