The Car: Slow Progress Over December.

With the end of a year, and everything that it brings, progress has been, well, slow. In fact I’d rather been hoping that the car would be done by now. Looking back now, I can’t believe I thought that was possible. But, with Varsity behind me and this project my as full-time job, maybe, just maybe I can achieve my goal of setting off before the end of February.

One major challenge with the car has been that it did arrive in a thousand pieces. And, believe me, this is not an ideal way to buy a car, you never know what has been lost or damaged in an abandoned restoration.  So I’ve been on the hunt for many parts that are just not available new.

The rear brakes are the original Dunlop Discs, and nobody carries spares for them, most Sprint GT and GTV owners convert them to the later ATE discs. With the help of my friend Ian, I was able to repair the brakes so they don’t only look pretty, but they’ll stop the car as well. All the brake lines have been replaced and run on the body.

Robin at PMB Carburetor Centre rebuilt what was really a terrible set of carbs to better than new, I can’t wait to have an engine to stick them on. And Alan at Midlands Motors rebuilt the gearbox with five new synchros  and a new 2nd gear.

I’ve wired in some extras into the car, such as an electric fan on the front of the radiator, some driving lights (the actual lights themselves haven’t arrived yet) and a charging point for a GPS or a cellphone.

But the car is finally starting to take shape, and hopefully very soon it will be on the road to Cape Town on its first drive in, most likely, 20 years.


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