The Car: Assembly Part II

So I’ve spent a good few late nights out in the garage, fiddling with the car, scratching the paint, and realising that, actually, I am rather stupid at times. But despite all this progress has continued well. I’ve had to have certain parts made up from scratch as they can’t be bought new, which is taking its time. Hopefully the car will be on its wheels soon.



The front bumper was bent from the small crash the car was once in. I managed to bend it straight, but getting it to line up is tricky as the mounting points are all damaged.


This is the corner that was hit. The only evidence is the slight dent in the front of the bumper.


Can only fit one wheel as I don’t have the left hand thread wheel nuts for the car. A set is on its way from Classic Alfa in the UK.


The rear bumper was in pretty good shape. We don’t have the budget for a re-chrome so I just wire-brushed and polished the bumpers. I also rewired the number plate light.


Fitting the boot-lid took its toll. The paint was a little too thick here. But at least now the boot opens and shuts as it should. Top Tip: If you need to align the boot lid after a respray, do it with the fuel tank out so you can climb into the boot should it all jam shut.


My second attempt at the dashboard wiring, a much better fit this time round.


Fitting the heater control panel, looking pretty sharp.


A dry install of the dashboard and gauges. It’s really rare to find a dash in this condition, I’m always grateful this was included in the sale of the car.


The steering wheel is a little worn but in the honest, old car with many miles on the clock sort of way.


Found a pair of old Hella horns which cleaned up well.


Driver’s side horn.


The wiring is starting to look a little messy, but when it’s all taped up it should look great.


The bell-housing was blasted and cleaned with new wiring for the reverse switch. The gearbox has been sent off for some work at Midlands Motors.


The starter motor was looking pretty poorly, so I stripped it, cleaned it up and checked all the brushes.


All fresh and new and works like a charm.


The heater motor was seized, so I pulled it apart.


Lubricated the bearings.


removed the corrosion and cleaned the brushes.


And now it’s spot on.


And now it’s time to start thinking about the interior and headliner, as my old headliner is fairly ruined.

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  1. Bill roulston says:

    You deserve a medal

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