The Car: A Fresh Coat of Paint.

After I discovered that the front of the car was poorly repaired after an accident I dropped the car at Les’s Panel Shop in Pietermaritzburg for repairs. While it was there I decided to do this trip. And because I didn’t want to do this trip in a boring red Alfa, and because Les gave me a brilliant deal on a respray, we did a colour change as well.


Les does some thinking about the front end damage.


Clifford administers some tough medicine.


Front end straightened out.


Interior stripped down for a new coat of paint.


The two colour choices: Pine Green and Bluette.


Bluette. This colour seems to change dramatically with the light.


Checking the colour in the sun for the first time.


Body panels went blue first, just as a test.


On the car the colour looks great.


Back home and looking good.


  1. Vicky says:

    Keep us updated Jeth

  2. Marie du Toit says:

    LOVE the colour! Good luck with all the preparations

  3. Izak Fick says:

    Remember the wheels though!

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