Dargle to Dargle

This is DargleToDargle.com the blog for my overland trip from South Africa to Ireland in a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT.

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 22.33.25

On this blog you can follow the trip from the preparation all the way to the conclusion of the adventure.

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  1. Lorraine Curry says:

    Hi Jethro ….all the best for your epic journey …I personally can’t think of a better car (an Alfa is all heart and as you say is as reliable as the mechanic who maintains her) and being of the same vintage myself I’m certain she can do the distance with the right combination of encouragement and attention to detail …mechanically-speaking of course. I will be praying for you and keenly following your progress from Dargle to Dargle….
    I have had to be a closet petrol head for years since most of the guys in our family are your type 1 …just drive the vehicle and park it under a tree…but I’m fastidious to the nth about my car, if I love how she goes and that quick response then it goes without saying that she should be perfectly groomed both inside and out ..they just don’t get it, especially Pete, what is it that I find so enthralling about revving engines and shrieking tyres, let alone the three stooges of Top Gear, to me those guys are priceless and worth the waste of time!
    …..my colour of choice will always be white, but I love the bluette, it’s much more attractive than the red in my opinion….so, take care of yourself and I hope that every border official you meet is pleasant and fair minded.
    Regards, Lorraine Curry (Rosie’s sister)

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